BPD#18 – Transforming Product Design with ChatGPT: A Practical Guide

Babbel Andreasstrasse 72, Berlin, Germany

In this talk, we will discover how OpenAI's language model, ChatGPT, can support your daily work as UX/UI or Product Designer to streamline your workflow and enhance creativity. We will discuss various practical use cases and a detailed case study of how ChatGPT can be a powerful tool to drive innovation in your everyday design […]

BPD #19 – Building a Career with Side Projects

N26 Voltairestraße 8, Berlin, Germany

Our August Meetup (number 19th!) will take place on August 24th at N26's beautiful new location in the city centre. For this one, we count with a talk by Darshan Gajara, Head of Design at Hypgraph. Over the course of his career, Darshan has built and launched many side-projects – Product Disrupt being the most […]

BPD#20 – Designing beyond Software with Jesse Van Mouwerik

Berlin AI Campus Max-Urich-Straße 3, Berlin, Germany

UX designers and UX design principles are most commonly associated with the world of websites, apps, and Software as a Service. But where might UX principles be best put to use beyond the confines of pixels and bits? I would like to share challenges and learnings from my own design career that have altered my […]

BPD#21 – Running UX Field Tests with Enrico Furfaro

Blinkist Sonenallee 223, Berlin, Germany

How do you run a UX interview while cycling downhill? How do you recruit participants that are serious hikers in their 70s? In this talk, we won't just tell the story of how we organised and run our latest field study, but also give you a glimpse on its effect on product development. Expect tons […]

BPD#23 – Holiday Networking Special

EO Space Schinkelplatz 5, Berlin, Germany

For our last edition of the year on December 8th, we have a very special one at Experience One 🎉 🎁Special guest: Sebastian Metel , designer advocate at Figma will join us to lead a quiz for designers with Figma swag prizes! 🤩Special format: No keynote! Just networking, games and some Glühwein! 🎟️Special Ticketing: Each […]

BPD#24 – Product Localization with Willian Magalhães

Rebuy Erkelenzdamm 11-13, Berlin, Germany

This presentation aims to explain what Product Localization is, its impact on your product's business, the differences between localization (l10n), internationalization (i18n), and translation (t9n), my current Localization process at Quandoo, and some hands-on techniques that can be used in the Design phase. About Willian Willian Magalhães has been working as a Content Designer (or […]

BPD#25 – Designing Search UX In 2024 with Vitaly Friedman

Get Your Guide Sonnenburger Str. 73, Berlin, Berlin, Germany

In many products, search is critical, yet too often it’s forgotten or overlooked. Many users heavily rely on search, and investing time and effort into good search is usually a very good investment. So how do people search and what do they expect from a first-class search experience in 2024? And what can we, as […]

BPD#26 – Establishing UX Strategy sustainably

SAP George-Stephenson-Str 7-13, Berlin, Germany

Join us next April 4th at SAP together with Christin Herrmann from Userlutions talking about UX Strategy. Tickets sold out, but waitlist is open. Conveying UX's importance and securing investment is a major challenge for UX teams. Lack of change management skills exacerbates this issue. Often, UX projects run separately from product processes, harming product […]

BPD#27 – Redesign Edition at Taxfix

Taxfix Köpenicker Strasse 122, Berlin, Berlin

Four our 27th edition we have something special. Instead of one longer talk, we'll have two shorter talks under the general umbrella of what it means to redesign software in different perspectives. Talk 1: "How to (re)design complex software that doesn't suck" with Deniz Owens, Senior UX/UI Designer at BuildingMinds Redesigning complex software from scratch […]

BPD#28 – Crafting Digital Experiences for Gen Z and Gen Alpha with Natalia Filvarova

N26 Voltairestraße 8, Berlin, Germany

What do Gen Z and Gen Alpha want from their digital experiences? In this talk we'll be diving deep into the hearts and minds of the "digital native" generations. We'll chat about their love-hate relationship with technology, their thirst for real connections in a hyper-connected world, and the values driving their choices. Through stories and […]

BPD#29 – Summer Rooftop & Networking at Raisin

Raisin Schlesische Str. 33/34, Berlin

Join us at our yearly Summer Rooftop event at Raisin! This time we're asking for a special €10 contribution to buy food and drinks for everyone and spend a great time networking and chatting on the rooftop. We'll have a short satirical talk by Francesco Pini titled "Design Standup" where he'll go through some hot […]